Romancing the Rains: Favorite Monsoon Holiday Destinations

As I write this post, I am sitting by a wooden table near Lal Bagh in Bangalore, the monsoon breeze blowing outside the colonial styled window, dark clouds have beaten away the afternoon heat and suddenly as I start to type, the roar of the thunder can be heard, quickly followed by the smell of wet mud.
With summer slowly coming to an end, and the initial heat of June fast fading, its time to soak up in the wet mood and revel in carpets of green all around.
From the mountains of Ladakh to the lush green valleys of Kerala, Incredible India gets an even more magical tone when the country turns a millions new hues of green. If you enjoy the thrill of the pitter patter, munching on hot pakodas and sipping on garb chai, then journey with me as we check out the best places to holiday this monsoon.

Discover Goa

I have always imagined Goa to be all about beaches and beer, until I spent two years doing my MBA there. Suddenly I discovered another side of Goa, not many know about, while whizzing on my bike around fruit orchards and lush green fields, in my village at Aldona. This land of beaches is surely worth a visit during monsoons, to enjoy its paddy fields, drizzle, storybook sceneries and infectious vibe. Take a day trip to Dudhsagar waterfalls literally meaning ‘sea of milk’. The majestic cascade of white water flows from a height of around 1000 ft. and are at their peak during the monsoons. While the seas are rough, enjoy your siesta in an old Portuguese house, overlooking mango and jackfruit plantations, while sipping on some fenny and let the downpour of rain leave you coming back for more.

Rain dance in Munar

Munar is truly a paradise in God’s own country. Rolling hills, tea plantations, emerald green fields enveloped in a thick cloud of mist and romance in the air that’s the beauty of Munar. Rainy season is the best time to visit Munar and stay in a houseboat or treehouse. Enjoy your vacation with less crowds, thick foliage and Ayurvedic massages. A rain dance in Munar is nothing short of sheer bliss.

Romance in Rajasthan
Visit Pushkar in the rains to explore the other side of Rajasthan. Get awakened by a peacock call, enjoy a camel ride, stroll through the market picking up antique ware and let the beautiful and soothing side of Rajasthan refresh you. The romance and history in the air are heightened by the rains, making it the best time to admire the magnificent forts and palaces.

Coffee in Coorg
Just when you thought Coorg could not get any more perfect, monsoon happens! Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting into your room and watch as the thick layer of mist settles in the garden. Known as the Scotland of India, the magic of Coorg cannot be explained. Spend your days wandering through coffee estates and spice gardens, exploring spectacular waterfalls and gorging on spicy Coorgi pork. Another option would be to lose yourself in a colonial styled bungalow, tucked away among the coffee estates and listen to century old tales of the town.

Waterfall Rappelling in Malshej Ghat
No much time on hand, but still fancy splashing in puddles, showering under the waterfalls and munching on steaming hot corn? Malshej Ghat a short drive from Mumbai will take you far beyond skyscrapers and dusty roads, to lush green surroundings, sparkling waterfalls and scenic beauty. A perfect weekend getaway, this place requires hardly any planning. Hike up to the nearby Shivneri Fort, the birthplace of Shivaji, go waterfall rappelling down any of the numerous waterfalls or simply watch as the rains lash down on this beautiful hill station.
Contrary to popular beliefs the monsoon is indeed a great time to travel through India, lapping up its rolling hills and pristine beaches, magnificent waterfalls and mist covered valleys, making India a traveler’s paradise.

So pack up those fancy gumboots, bring out the colourful raincoats and dress up for the rain dance.

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